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Resource Points- starting as F2 Driver in Career

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I pre-ordered the game on disk, because I was so excited to play using next gen consoles! (Bought for PS5 due to haptic feedback (actually prefer the xbox impulse trigger effects!)

It's an amazing game, and I started off jumping into an F2 team, then doing some of the story and then thinking, well, I well as start in F1 since it's nearing the end half in real life! Then thought, "I wan't to get the most out of this game" Hahaha.

Anyway, sorry for rambling, what I want to know is, all the F2 sessions have the ability to do the 'development tests' in practice sessions- for R&D points in the main F1 career- I've tried looking on this topic and can't find an answer- do you accrue resource points in F2 for doing the development tests? If so, what are they used for? Can they be transferred once you reach F1? As far as I'm aware there's no R&D in F2 (understandably).

TL;DR is there any point in doing development tests starting in F2 for Career? Do they give you anything?

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No. U get nothing. F2 is very basic. U would normally get a boosted acclaim, but since the 1st patch, that’s been turned off as well. Now u start @ 1 unless u pick one of the big 3. Other than that nothing. I’ve been hoping they would turn it back on, the info during the start up process says u get higher acclaim, but it’s gone as of this moment. 

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