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My team transfers broken


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16 hours ago, petro1319 said:

That doesn't help though because for years we asked for transfers within career mode.   Yes; the ability to flat out turn them off is nice but what we really need is a logical system in place for transfers.  The issue is how they program them to work apparently based on team and driver acclaim stats and sometimes just the simple swapping of drivers.   The easiest solution is having a way to let it happen organically within the game, but also give the player the control to override the moves if they chose.  I want drivers to change teams; I just want them to go to realistic options!

I only buy this game for driver career but there isn’t even an option to put it off so I wasted  60 bucks .. 

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On 10/13/2021 at 2:11 PM, BarryBL said:

Not yet, but something that is on the developers radar at this time. No other further details right now I'm afraid. 

Perhaps rather than just an on/off on driver transfers (and hopefully retirements!) maybe an option for us to manually change the lineup between seasons ourselves? I think the vast majority prefer driver transfers in the game and giving us some level of control would keep players invested. Maybe even allowing us to alter stats between seasons so we can role play a bit: Maybe someone might decide that Verstappen moves to Ferrari for season 2 but struggles to get the most out of the new car so they might decide to drop his pace to 93. 

Even better if that would also allow us to control when a driver retires or even put icon drivers in other teams.

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