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[BUG / ISSUE] T500rs and G27 steering rise and fall in 2% steps.!!


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Hi Dev's(justbiglee).

Are you aware of this.??

In Dirt Rally controller options...
When turning my T500rs wheel, the steering goes up and back down in 2 percent steps.
ie. 0,2,4,6,8,10... and so on, all the way to the right and then does the same when coming back down ...10,8,6,4,2,0.

It's like nothing(no input) is registering on the wheel at 1,3,5,7 percent etc.
This is causing the steering to not be smooth.

I have original T500rs pedals connected to the wheel and yet,
when i step on the throttle, clutch and brake pedals they rise and fall in 1 percent steps,
making these inputs smooth.

Windows game controllers:
Wheel is always set to 1080° and the wheel is always powered up and then calibrated well after the PC has been booted.

Would really like to hear from a Dev on this.


fwiw... while calibrating the wheel in DR the steering rises in steps of 1 percent(smooth inputs).
However, once calibration is finished, the UI is showing the wheel rising and falling in 2 percent steps.

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Sorry Paulie, I don't have a T500r. But since we have issues with wheel calibration and saving and loading saved calibration it's worth a shot. 900 is what Codies recommend for "all" wheels and centering spring set to zero and off in your wheel software. Then use the game controller menu to tune.
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Thanx again. :)

It doesn't matter what degrees the wheel is set to.

The problem isn't in calibration, saving/loading cfg and wheel settings.
Everything there works as it should.

The problem is after calibration when checking wheel movement, left to right/right to left.
The wheel rises and falls in 2% steps.

While i'm turning the steering wheel, i'm only getting 50 steps to reach 100%.
It should be 100 steps to reach a 100%.
This is leading to a delay in the steering input because it's not updating as frequently as it should.

Like i said...
In DR calibration, everything is ok and it registers from 0,1,2,3,4,5 and so on upto 100.
But after calibration as i turn my wheel, it goes from 0 to 2,4,6,8,10  and so on upto 100(half inputs)
all the while missing out, 1,3,5,7,9,11.

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os3n said:
Same "issue" here, with a G27. No idea how much it affects steering or if it's just a visual bug in the menu or not, but there are indeed 2% steps.
Thanx for contributing and reporting the issue with the G27(thread title updated). :)

Maybe some folks with Fanatec and other models of logitech/thrustmaster wheels can check if this is happening to them also.
This brings me back to the others here in the forum that are reporting input delay/lag from their wheels.

justbiglee / MrJamieLowes
Has anyone looked into this.??

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