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I think F3 will be the next step if they were to include another one and this will probably be capped at the premier version of F3. They won't go as far as F3-Asia or any of the regionals.

F4 chassis covers a fair few disciplines and nations actually and I think the investment really isn't worth the effort as I don't think it'll be played all that often by a vast subsection of the playerbase. I'd never expect it to go down to this level of motorsport.

W Series is the other bandied about one due to trying to be more inclusionary with diversity. Presumably as a standalone mode? 

Formula E has a chance as it is under the FIA banner but that genuinely sounds like too much effort as they race on different tracks that aren't F1 friendly really. Plus has it really got that much of a fanbase amongst the F1 diehards?  it doesn't seem like the type of thing to draw more crowds in to playing the game but runs the risk of alienating existing players as they'd have to divert resource from other parts of the game they could improve in order to include it. General rumours are that the E-formula is dying on its backside (not that it'll fold but that it won't grow all that much more in its current guise) 

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