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TL;DR - F3 is a fair inclusion. F4, not so much. W Series, not too fussed either way. 


I'd have no issue with F3 being implemented if they stopped at the premier class. I don't think they should go as far as F3-Asia and other regional based ones, although I think it's the same drivers anyway. For example, Guanyu Zhou won this years F3 Asia and Daruvala was third.  The year before, Mazepin was dovetailing with his F2 season too.   I do wonder if F3 would be used often enough to make its inclusion viable but i'd like to think so. Particularly if they're added to the driver pool for MyTeam. 

F4 would be far too much effort to include. There are so many different versions (Italian, French, British, Danish, Japanese, ADAC (which I think is Germany?, I just remember Edgar won last year), America, Spain, Mexico, Asia, Middle East and a few new ones in the last 2-3 years.  Those ones dont have a premier class so would just be alot of effort to input all of them. Imagine what they'd have to sacrifice from that game edition in order to include all those new drivers and tracks! 

They could include W series but that's more of a token gesture for diversity and inclusion than a Formula Pathway as it's quite a way down the ladder (3 levels below F3). I assume it'd be a standalone mode for that one with the female drivers added to the MyTeam driver pool. I think it'd be good for the game but not something i'd particularly use myself. 

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Honestly I’d absolutely love F3. I think in terms of a career mode that dynamic of entering F3 and trying to win the championship on the first time of asking and then going to F2 and doing exactly the same or maybe not… and having to really test if you can adapt quickly to a new category. You may really struggle at first in F3 but end up winning 1-2 races and getting a couple of podiums, but then really hit it running in F2 with the same team and finish in the top 5 you’ll be seen as a great talent but with a lot to prove in terms of how quickly you can get up to speed in F1. But then if you absolutely dominate F3 with a team like Prema and then go on to dominate the F2 Championship you will be seen as a “generational talent” with a lot of interest from top team academies. Another dynamic could be If F3 is quite a struggle and you only get a couple of podiums you then have a chance to prove yourself in Formula 2.

I think just as a stand alone category to drive as well it’s a must have for the games. I mean I play a lot of F2 and I feel like the games would really be missing something if it didn’t have any of the feeder series. 

codies if you see this then a lot of people want F3 as it’s a genuinely great series with great cars that desveres it’s recognition 👀

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