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Crashing on launch due to 3000 series card (Xbox GamePass)


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For users who use GamePass versions of F1 2019 on the PC with newer RTX 30XX cards, you know the frustration of it not starting. This can be overcome with a little work and getting the game out of the encrypted state from the WindowsApps folder. HALO users also do this for mods and there is instructions on how to get the game located someplace else on your drive. This will require you to enable Developer mode to re-insert the application back into the XBox app, and it will no longer be encrypted. I did utilize a revised version of nvngx_dlss.dll (v2.1.66) from Bethesda's DOOM Eternal installation after deleting the older original from the Codemaster's directory, and does not crash F1. You will need to delete/rename the nvngx_dlisp.dll file though.

Basically you'll install GamePass F1, launch and do not close error, then export the files using UWPDumper and when complete copy the entire DUMP dir to a location that it will reside perm. Once done, you'll kill the error box, uninstall from XBox and modify the copied folder files. Enable developer mode in the OS and then import the Appx following the instructions in the provided hyperlink below.

Happy motoring!

How to dump F1 2019 / Same as HALO

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