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F1 2013 - Disconnect issue


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Hey, I am having issues with playing F1 2013 since, July 2014, I think. Everytime I join a lobby and the host decides to go from lobby into the game, I am getting disconnected from the host. It happens after the game loads into the garage. This problem makes impossible for me to enjoy multiplayer games as I can't join it at all. I tried to reinstall my system, going from Vista 32 bits to Windows 7 Professional 64 bits. Obviously, I also reinstalled game countless amount of times, but I doesn't want to work properly. Might it be that my steam account got banned for some strange, unjustifable reason? I have never cheated, or tried to increase my lap times in time trial with higher fps to be faster like a lot of people was doing just after the release of the game and most likely still does as there are impossible time trial records of laps that are 50% faster than the normal times.
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