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F1 2020 racing league


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Hey guys we are a community that made a racing league we have 6 drivers so much seats left is someone is interested feel free to join here is the link https://discord.gg/TF645hudNk
- Causing a collision: 5-10 second penalty
- Causing a serious collsion (dangerous driving): 10 second penalty + 1 strike
- Overtaking illegaly under safety car: 10 second penalty
- Slipstreaming during qualifying: Qualifying ban for the next race
- Blocking a driver during qualifying: 5 second penalty
- 1 strike = Warning, 2 strikes = Race Ban, 3 strikes = League Ban

-50% Race
-Assists on
-Calendar soon to be shown as well as driver line ups
-British Time
-Short Quali
-There will be prizes for winners

We are expecting you (F1 Central)

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