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dirt rally data load failed!!!


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Try this:

Right click on DiRT Rally > Properties > Updates > Untick the Steam cloud check box at the bottom then exit Steam.

Locate your Steam folder and select userdata > your steamID folder > 31560 > remote > backup any files in this folder then remove them so its empty

Try launching the Dirt Rally now and see if you can save your profile.
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Hello, can you please tell me the username of the windows account you are using?

Also try uninstalling the game by deleting Local Content when right clicking on the game in Steam Library then delete the DiRT Rally folder in Steam\steamapps\common\ then install the game again.

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1.       Right click on DiRT Rally in the Steam Library and select Properties

2.       Click on SET LAUNCH OPTIONS and in the GENERAL tab add to it:   -logging

3.       Can you then run the game, play it then

4.       Send us an email to dirtgame@codemasters.com attaching your logging files that will appear in local/logs subfolder of your save data folder thats in your Steam folder and select  userdata > your steamID folder > 310560 > 

Please also attach your DX Diag

This can be created by typing “dxdiag” into your start menu, then running “dxdiag.exe”.
After the green progress bar has completed in the bottom left, please press “save all information” to save the required .txt file.

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Here are some more remedy's to try:
  • Make sure you have administrator rights for your Windows account or are starting the game as Admin:

Right Click on Dirt Rally's shortcut and select "Run as administrator"

  • Disable any real time virus scanning
  • Have a look in your Steam folder and select  userdata > your steamID folder > 310560 > remote.

See if one or both of savegame@profile#QKIGMYYI.LKR and savegame@profile#QKRHMYXE are missing when creating a new save or downloading a save from the cloud. – Check your connectivity to Steam. If any files are still missing (and you don’t mind losing your save data) disable steam cloud, delete the whole save folder (including remote & remotecache.vdf) with steam closed, re-open steam and launch the game making sure to save. Once saved you can re-enable steam cloud.

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I've the same problem and tried all the stuff in Steamsupport and this forum - problem still exits after new Installation of Windows and a few restarts...
Error 3 after deleting the Savegames- restart Steam and yeah - error 55 again. Grid 2 has exactly the same.
Thanks Codemaster - after grid this is the next buggy game. The Beta of Dirt Rally was a dream - everything was good and worked for me.
And after the full Version everything goes down...
Any help??
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Same here..
A game that I loved so much, now I hate it immensely.
Can someone from the developers make even clear what is going on here ?
I have been playing from the first hours with DR, meanwhile I am sitting at 8290 km. 
That suddenly the damn "Can not connect to RaceNet" show up and just can not be solved.
Even my best times are just not saved anymore in custom.
Randomly, this problem occurs, sometimes not but it usually does..some pretty annoying..
so annoying that I beginning to hate this game.

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Try changing your Windows username so it won't have Polish diactrict marks. Then restart your computer and try again.

Hi my username i windows is MIKE so it not a polish but i change go JOE and restart and it don't help :( but got anather problem when i open the game
in steam library and klick RMB and take Administrator Open in the game have comunicate "The Save data is corrupt" but if ia open dirt normally comunicate is "The save data fault"

HELP ! :( i have original game not a pirat

sorry for my english....
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