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The game needs to come out in a better state

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I am watching season 29 of PSGL, round 5 and this is just ridiculous. The cars are phasing through each other and the time gaps are ruined and the commentators are furious, and this simply is not good enough. F1 2020 game out in an awful state, especially on xbox there were soo many bugs and strangely features missing such as the starting lights you usually get when you take control over your car after rejoining the session, which were missing at the launch of the game for some reason, and the bugs were relentless, robbing me of league race wins. I accept that it is difficult, especially being a company set in the UK with a staff size smaller then most companies having to bring out a yearly game, especially with covid-19 and the weird ever changing covid-19 regulations in the UK. But enough is enough, countless years these games have come out as a mess, and eventually get fixed. F1 2020 was a very rough starter and still isn't perfect now. but honestly it isn't far off, the latest version of F1 2020 is as it should have launched, one or 2 small visual glitches, but the rest of it being mostly fine. And its just ridiculous, F1 esports isn't the only major F1 game event that goes on, there are countless leagues, most of which are streamed to an audience of thousands and seeing people who buy the game and commentate on races getting so demotivated from the bugs is heartbreaking. It's unfortunately quite regular to see games rushed out in unfinished stages just to be fixed later down the line with gigabytes of updates after people preorder and pay full price and it is just ridiculous now. And let me restate, I understand it is a struggle, with the size of the team and the covid-19 epidemic really slowing everything down, also with the constant struggle against time being a yearly release. But it isn't good enough, and we all know it can be better.

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I just want to reiterate that I'm not just here to **** all over the game, I like many others are passionate about this game and want nothing else for this game to be good and just succeed as a racing game for everyone to enjoy, competitively or not. But we need to take a stand about it coming out in such a bad state. All we want is to see the game do well and be fun to drive and watch, and we all need to push to see that change be made

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As I’ve said many many times that all software developers have gone to far and releasing games they know have many issues that negatively effect the end users ability to play their product... including not being able to do was advertised.  

It’s unfortunately become expected and has become industry standard since internet gave them to ability to not just fix issues but use the end users as free labour to find faults and report them. 

No other industry gets away from with it..  Even so you would hope and expect developers to only want to sell their game that has been properly tested so that if there are any bugs they are few and far between and were result off a oversight.  Instead off knowing and not doing anything before releasing it...

All that being said as much I passionately believe what I just typed and as annoyed as I was when I got this game...  We are living in a pandemic that is having huge negative effects across all industries unless you Amazon.   Codemasters had a choice whilst in development  months before release whether to  release on time, delay or even cancel... they obviously rolled the dice and backed themselves to get it ready on time.... They failed but rather than delay they went released


I hope they regret that decision and more importantly learn from it...  Having time to reflect and having lost my mum to covid I get and understand this years development has been far from great and that has caused so many bugs.. So got to give them benefit off the doubt.... 

Next years game will be the true test... release anything with anything more than a few random bugs will tell if they want to or even care about doing better.. 

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