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Weekly Event still locked? "Next Weekly Event in 2 days"?

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Sorry, unless I'm mistaken (it has been a long work week after all) the Italian GP is tomorrow, why on earth is this still locked and says the next event is in 2 days which I would assume means the beginning of next weeks event, except there isn't a race next weekend...

Anyone in the know on this, is this a massive F up? 

Monza is my favourite race of the year, I was looking forward to this being top draw multiplayer insanity. 

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If they want to do something clever next week that's fine but why not just do the Monza event as normal. I don't have a lot of time to play this game at the moment I was looking forward to this afternoon's races. 

Like I said this is my favourite track and race of the year, it's very disappointing. 

I've given a lot patience to CM and to this game, as you know mate, but these decisions are baffling. 

I'll be playing GT again then, like a lot of other players. 

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The above is not even just for me, people love Monza and this race weekend, it's one of the biggest of the year. 

CM could have had bumper numbers of players online this weekend yet, no? Cos they want to be clever. 

People want to play Monza today and tomorrow, not next week maybe, if we're allowed, lol. 

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1 hour ago, Salvador1595 said:

Because the podium pass 1 is out, remember that the events weeklys given points for up level in the same...is lógic the bloqued.


Sorry My English

All other game modes also give XP though?

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4 hours ago, Currriss said:

Should be last Monday - check back next week

Next week arrives - check back tomorrow

Tomorrow arrives - dunno

Single player event at Monza. A week late. 

They can **** off. 

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