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Best Way to Work Out Improvement in Career?


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I’ve seen multiple places cite that you should adjust your difficulty so you’re slightly faster than your teammate, with each point being about a one tenth difference in pace. I’ve also seen that the AI pace is better and worse at certain tracks, so you may need to account for that - all fine so far.

The issue I’m running into is that when I follow this process in Practice and Quali, all is good, I perform well. But when it comes to the actual race on the same difficulty, I end up with a large gap between me and the car in front, and a big queue of cars right behind me.

I can’t work out if it’s because I’m over-qualifying, as it were, to the point that I’m up there racing against cars my Williams shouldn’t be, or if my difficulty is too high for the race, or if my car is under-developed, or if the AI is particularly good at that specific track! It feels like there’s too many variables.

I don’t want to make it too easy, I want to fight for positions, and although I’ve heard you can make even a Williams the fastest car on the grid pretty quick, being 12 odd races in my first season I doubt that’s the case. I’m also not sure how to tell if I’m improving if I just keep upping the difficulty so I’m only slightly faster than my teammate? Surely that means I’ll never place any higher.

Basically, how do you all measure your skill progression in this game?

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