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Portimao question.

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First of all, you have to thank for such a good reproduction of the track because it looks great, keep it up, may each track look so good in the future.

My question, I have a huge problem with turn 8, whether in qualifying or race pace, I have tremendous oversteer there and every time I turn it spins me, even though I want to go very smoothly into that corner I am reminded of the number turn 3 in Austria, where we also turn right and it is a change in altitude and the car behaves similar there, but here it is even more severe, I know the track has just started today, but maybe some of you have a similar problem or have some suggestions be able to make that corner as usual on each lap.

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I just finished this race in F2 and I found that if you don’t try to accelerate through the corner but hold your revs, it behaves

a lot better.

But this all depends on your setup of course, try increasing your front roll bar by a couple clicks or even 3 if you have to

and hold the revs through the corner.


hope that helps a bit


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Havnt done this track but I have done trackdays at brands hatch and castle Combe.   Both tracks on the straights have a crest right on your breaking point... Brands is terrifying cause you have to brake just before  it then off brake settle the car (2 tons v8 rs4 ) in a fraction before turning down the hill where car gets light again then hammer it the instant it gains traction. Otherwise your in the gravel and think you definitely should have got trackdays insurance.

castle Combe has more off a bump on the braking zone at the end off the straight leading into cliff (regarded as one off the toughest corners on a uk race track... Same thing brake off brake then instantly turn whilst the car is still unbalanced... get that wrong you just go straight and hope the fence stops you going over the cliff.

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As above I mentioned brands hatch and at the end off the straight is a right hander (paddock hill bend) that drops down a fair bit...   Now I did brands a lot as is 10 minutes away and it’s just has something that makes you laugh whilst terrified... I had a b7 Rs4 Quattro high revving v8 420 bhp... 300+ torque... every time I’ve taken paddock hill bend... as you drop down you instantly feel like your brains are try to break out the top off your skull... honestly it’s the only time I’ve ever felt a sensation like it..   very unsettling and you don’t really get used to it..    now my rs4 0-60mph was around 4.2 seconds... weighed like 2 ton.. and had that effect on me... and that was one corner per lap: and after every ten or so laps I’d pull into the pit for a break

so my point is how do F1 drivers  in a f1 car manage for a whole race distance whilst racing other guys that are also having their brains quished...   Love their to be a simulator that accurately simulates those forces hook up to a esports driver and say now set a faster time than Hamilton’s lap record

i am a racing god first 5 laps ever on this track and atleast one off them I managed to stay within 2 metres off the racing line... thought I wouldn’t get it

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