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Safety Car doesn’t come out naturally

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So I have the safety car at on increased but it never comes out it doesn’t help that the fact is no AI is crashing. Just mechanical and even then it’s not coming out? 

The only way is for me to get a safety car is to take a car out…

Anyone else has this issue?

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See now I have safety car every few races.  Because ai crash... I find ai do this more often when I set car damage and damage rate to simulation,.. I only guessing this also effects ai.  If your already using those setups..... I have no clue

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I haven't ever seen a safety car in approx 55 hours of gameplay. I have seen a VSC twice though which was put out as a result of AI crashing into one another. Also had Charles Leclerc get DQ'd for driving the opposite way. 


Mechanical failures are rife in my playthrough. 

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