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TTSL F1 2021 PS4/PS5 Season 1 - Saturdays 21:00 UK TIME - Alternative Format - All Welcome

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Welcome to the TeaTime Saturday League 


LINK: https://discord.gg/9paXT9e


About Us

Do you enjoy good clean racing? Want to race in a league that's competitive? Don't want the politics you get from other leagues?

Then look no further!

We have created a league that caters for everyone. 

We are starting an alternative formatted season completely different from the usual humdrum Season.


League Details

Race Day: Saturday 

Lobby Opens - 21:00 GMT (UK TIME)

Session Starts - 21:15 GMT (UK TIME)


The Formats

We will be running an alternative and alternating format each season.


The seasons will be shorter, multiplayer cars and drivers only championship (No Constructors).

Season 1 - 25% Double Header

• 16 Race Season (8 Weeks)

• Calendar to be handpicked and remain a secret until everyone is ready in the lobby.

• Race day will consist of

One Shot Quali 1, 25% Race 1, 10-15 Min Break, One Shot Quali 2 and 25% Race 2.

• 2 Points for Pole and Fastest Lap (Open to all drivers that finish)

• A Possible New Point System (TBC)


Season 2 - 50% Reversed Champions

• 10 Races (10 Weeks)

• Starting Grid will be a reverse of the current championship standings (First Race will be One Shot Quali)

• Randomised Calendar (Again that will remain a secret until everyone is ready in lobby)

• All DNFs will be reviewed by Stewards to ensure drivers are not crashing intentionally just to start the next race higher. (Everyone must be able to provide footage if and when required)


Reserve Drivers Welcome

As we won't have a Constructors Tables this will allow Reserve Drivers to be added to the Official Drivers Table.


Reserves will be limited to a 1 colour livery which they will be told about prior to the race start.


Assists allowed

All assists allowed other than

• Braking Assists

• ERS Assist

• DRS Assist

• Fuel Assist


How to join

Follow these simple steps

• Simply join our discord (Link below for both Xbox and PlayStation) 


• Fill out the registration form


It's as simple as that!

Thank you very much for reading this and if you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask.

We hope to see you soon.


DxT Hobo
League Founder

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