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Is it really satisfying to race with electrified cars ?


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Hi all, I did my first experience now with the Taycan Turbo S at Dirt 5.


It's driving very well, but that awful sound 🙉, I can't believe that real race fans can be happy with that.

I mean it is good and necessary to do anything that protects the environment and for personal use

electrified cars are one step to go ahead.

But for race cars ? ok, let's support a V8 with an additional electric boost, but IMHO race cars should also be "heard", for me that's essential.


What is your opinion about that ? 

i am curious what most of you think about this.


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I think it will depend on the driver's preference. And I will admit that I am biased on vehicles that are for rough roads and racing done on such, so I am not that satisfied with electrified cars compared to the "traditional" ones. 

Also, electrified cars are not yet that, for a lack of better term, fully researched? It's hard for me to not be nervous when I can be locked inside a car automatically (referring to that news about the Tesla car that burned and the driver was locked inside.)

I still prefer to have full control over my vehicle and enjoy the ride while knowing I understand it completely.

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