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Personal sponsors in MyTeam with more sponsor slots

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So in real life F1 every driver has a personal sponsor (Sainz - Estrella Galicia, Mick Schumacher - Deutsche Vermögensberatung etc.). Since there are new sponsor decals in Podium Pass which arent used in MyTeam, such as: Carbonis, Savabour, Spation, Concordia, Ralentizado and Wranhawk. These sponsors would've been choosen as a personal sponsors for MyTeam. These would also bring some money to help facilities etc. but way less than the primary and secondary sponsors.

With this addition the sponsor slots could've been increased a bit: e.g. more slots on the nose, or on the chassis, because the car often gives an empty look.

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I can’t agree w/ this anymore. Most teams have 4 or more sponsors on the nose cone alone. Plus y can’t we have a Pirelli logo on the car, everyone else does! Y can’t we put Honda on the rear wing or the side pod under the # if we got a Honda engine n the car or Renault for that matter. Let us use the logo of the engine we’re using. The my team car looks fake on the consoles. Give us a lil of the features the PC guys use, we’re not asking 4 the world!

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This was what I'd expected when I saw decals in the podium pass or at least I'd expected them to act as standard sponsors. For those who don't play online, these decals are pointless and only serve to take up a slot that could have been a new helmet design.

I'm not impressed with liveries being reused in F1 2021 that we're in 2020, it's dirty expecting people to pay real cash to buy them through the store or again, taming up a podium pass slot. I believe if these liveries were always going to be carried over to the new game then if somebody had already unlocked a livery on 2020, then it should have been available for those who went on to get 2021. Otherwise, these liveries just end up feeling like yet another dirty money grabbing tactic.

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