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R&D overhaul and advanced regulation changes

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The „skill tree“ can keep its current shape but needs to lose all requirements but Facility level, the need to develop the tyre wear to be able to develop better brakes is just unrealistic and annoying at some point. Additionally durability upgrades should be mostly removed, manufacturer upgrades are fine coming in throughout seasons. IRL engines are very durable so in the game players should barely make it with no failures and all parts at ~70% wear through a season. Not sure if only manufacturer upgrades should be a thing or also 1 player upgrade for each PU part. Durability doesnt need to have its own department.


To further make this more realistic and prevent players to take countless additional PU parts once they have a bad qualifying - the option to take additional parts should only be available once each of the 3/2 parts has been used during a session. Also the used parts should only have the power, energy recovery and fuel usage of what was researched at the time of its first track usage. So when you put in all the ICEs at the start of the season and then do upgrades on engine power they will not benefit from it, only the next ICE thats put in the car will have it. This would add a new layer on when to take a new power unit component (ICE, MGU-K and MGU-H).


Simplify the whole Engine section in the data by giving all teams the same base engine (Power spline etc.) and only differientiate between them by a multiplier at the end. So this season for Mercedes powered cars the multiplier could be 1.00, for Honda 0.98, Renault 0.965 and Ferrari (pre engine upgrade) 0.95. Those values could be easily changed for MyTeam and the engine power upgrades could actually increase this value instead of the more complex power spline values. It could also be the value used to differentiate the ICEs mentioned above, just save this value into the specific parts so that the first ICE would be 1.00, the next 1.015 and the third 1.025. Could also safe the level of durability within this.



Regulation changes:

- Cars have „stats“ in all R&D improvable areas like Front Downforce, Drag, Weight etc. for the new regulation changes like in Ill.1

- Earlier announcement in the Season at 25% of the season

- Stats affected by the rule change get reduced to a value from 10p-500p depending on time invested, amount of resources and Facility level; all upgrades in the changed departments are reset at the start of the new season, can still be developed till season end but will have no effect on the new regulation performance, only recommended if they are needed for a close titlefight or similar

- except for engine power, which will be reset to 300p (so all upgrades can be applied) for all teams and the manufacturers „new“ base performance (which could define the power multiplier)

- „additional research“ option after all upgrades have been researched so even if the base stat was too low to achieve the maximum e.g. ERS is at 100p after rule change and all upgrades only improve it to around 800p, there is an option for further development to improve it till maximum in ~major upgrade steps

- regulation changes to be forced in the following season of one team reaching the maximum stat or a certain threshold (e.g.900p), other departments can have a rule change in addition to that (~35-50% chance?)

- Rushed upgrades can have a negative impact on the stat, will be evaluated in practice and if so it will last for the whole weekend and be available for a reresearch after the race; probabilities in Ill.2 for rushed upgraded


- engine power and reliability of manufacturers will also be achieved with a time/money investment; AI decides when to put how much effort into it -> resulting in performances between 65 and 90

- player has to choose the engine for the following season at the end of the year (blind) unless the player is a manufacturer himself; the following could apply fo AI engine development, also Ill.3 for engine reg change


100                                        =              1.05

90                                          =             1.00

80                                          =             0.95

70                                          =             0.90

65 (lowest possible)                 =             0.875


The AI should be programmed to go most likely for development to 75-85; lowchance for higher or lower (Most likely to do Medium Money at 50% on average)



- When Aero or Chassis are reset, specific car parts will be able to be changed by player/AI like:

- Short/long wheelbase (short= better turn in (Higher COMY); long=more stability/slightly higher topspeed)

- Something for better or worse tyre cooling (brake temps having more effect and implementing how much brake duct cooling you want?)

- Tight/normal engine packaging (less drag/more downforce but more engine heating -> +0.01 for downforce/drag)

                     - High/low rake (High=more downforce; low= less drag -> +-0.02)

                     - Something for a balanced/understeery/oversteery car?


           - Be your own Engine manufacturer:

                     - spend money on creating your own engine

                     - requires engine department level 2

                     (- focus on reliability or power delivery?)

- player can choose to use the engine after first year of development to save costs on a suppliers engine but only with the best factory and highest moneyflow it can be a competitive engine at that point (1 year of development)

- Further base performance upgrades can be developed for ~+3 power&reliability for 7 weeks research and ~500k


Engine performance after one season development in Ill.4


When a department works on the reg changes it generates no more resource points and in addition has the following costs per week/2 weeks? Ill.5


- The game would ask at every 25% of the season how many resources should be invested into the reg change R&D so at 25%, 50%, 75% and when the season is finished (development in winter break) Ill.6


- Depending on Facility level, specific areas can be „focused“ for better reg change results Ill.7


Measured on F1 2021s values the „stats“ could be like

                - Front Downforce             0.77-1.1 (0-1000) 1.0 at 700

                - Rear Downforce              0.77-1.1 (0-1000) 1.0 at 700

                - Drag                               ~0.975-1.225 (1000-0) ~1.05 at 700

                - Engine power                  -starts at 300p +10% power till 1000

                - ERS                                -20% battery left if fully used – battery stays full (0-1000)   (MGU-H recovery - 1.0-3.0?)

                - Fuel                                +7 Laps -  -3 laps (0-1000) 0 at 700

                - Weight                            734kg-783.5kg (1000-0) 749 at 700

                - Weight distribution          -0.035 – +0.065 (0-1000) 0.035 at 700

                - Brakes                            - 2000-3000 Front brake pressure (0-1000)?

                - Tyre wear                        +70% - -30% (0-1000) 0% (current tyrewear) at 700

                Should there even be a DRS upgrade? I wouldnt mind it getting cut


In order for this to work the AI would need to be able to adapt to different downforce, brake pressure and chassis COMY and COMZ values. I know this is a difficult one but it would be a huge improvement and giving it depth. Of course this is also just a prototype version but i think it gives an idea of what could be done with a system like this


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10 hours ago, ScaredDuck said:

Dude did you do all that @Meza994I like it just for the effort .

Don’t do there job for them👍🏻

Haha yup.. Why not haha if we wanna improve the game we cant just say "DO BETTER" but might achieve more with an actual idea😉 Also im having fun working these things out haha

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Totally agree that engine attachment of the upgrades to their first run on track should really go in. It is too easy at the moment to just take additional PU’s when we have a bad Quali without much issue, as you said, and quite early in the season. If the PU didn’t take the manufacturer’s upgrades if already run then people would make more of an effort to save them.

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