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What story do you try to create in your driver's career mode?

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For me, I have started from a full F2 season going with being a Ferrari Academy Driver. 85 - 90 AI with only assist being ABS.

Portraying myself as a young hotshot who is quick and plan to win F2 in their first season itself. Even after the success, I get a seat at Haas whereas other F2 drivers get better seats. But being a Ferrari Academy Driver, I am hopeful of one day driving for Ferrari.  Tweakbox

 Perform consistently well in Haas for a couple of seasons. Even then I don't get promoted to Alfa Romeo Ferrari seat. After 3rd season, seeing my future in dark, I end agreement with Ferrari, leaving Haas and join Alpha Tauri in hopes of getting that Red Bull  Appvalley  seat and driving a championship winning car. 

After strong performances in Alpha Tauri, I get promoted to RBR. Win consistently there and also bag a championship. But driving for Ferrari remains a distant dream.

After getting done with RBR, I go for a midfield team (Alpine maybe), trying to build them up and putting up good performances there. Finally, after end of contract, Ferrari approaches. And the dream comes true.  https://vlc.onl

I drive for Ferrari a couple of seasons, win the championship and retire.

I know it's pretty long way. But just had a thought how I would play my career and thought of sharing.

Looking forward to read the stories you are trying to create. Cheers!!

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Actually i am carrying my char through the games,per game i am able to do normally 4-5 seasons,playing on 90 average AI level and 50% races.

My journey startet actually in f1 2019 (2 seasons with Alfa, 2 seasons with ferrari) 2020 (5 seasons myTeam BMW)   2021 (3rd season with Aston martin)

Became Champion once with Ferrari.

Collect my stats every game when i finish it to have an overview over the games.

So maybe 2 more f1 games then my char can retire 😁 

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I will play as Casper Akkermann and will archieve his title... nope...

Driver Career: Hulkenback. I will play as Hülkenberg and signed at Williams (instead of Latifi) as the Team wants to get back to the top and needs a more experienced driver. Nico accepted the challenge to drive next to the young shooting star Russell. If Nico beat his team mate clearly it could be possible that other teams offers a seat (Aston Martin or McLaren). 

Myteam: Porsche Motorsport F1 entered the Grid and Ayrton Senna (unfortunately not with the correct avatar...) lead the Team. First a young Brazilian Pedro Piquet get the second seat, but mid season Massa gives his comeback. There are rumors that Prost will join the Team if the car is competitive next season. The Team chosed a classic design which shall be a hommage to the corporation with McLaren mid of the 80s. 


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