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F1 2020 Crash after every launch


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I have owned the F1 2020 game for almost 4 months now and everytime I try to launch it, it crashes. It plays the startup cutscene with the lights and the other cinematics, but when it says "press any key to start" (or something like that), it crashes. It is mostly the ego dumper crash but occasionally there where some other crashes too, like the "Direct3D device was removed 0x887a0006", although when this one happened my nvidia drivers weren't fully up to date. But all the nvidia and windows drivers were up to date on almost every crash.

PC specs: AMD Ryzen 5 3600, EVGA Nvidia RTX 2060 KO Ultra Gaming, 16gb RAM, 1tb HDD, 500gb SSD. 

I have reinstalled the game on different hard drives, tried launching both steam and the game as administrator, lowering the games graphics from nvidia geforce experience, disabling steam overlay, running both dx12 and dx11, I have rolled back on older windows versions, I have launched the game in windowed mode, done a sfc/scannow on cmd, checked my dxdiag to see if everything is ok, and quite possibly more stuff that I cant remember. I have checked a fair share of online videos and forums on how to solve it, nothing worked. 

I also went to the store that I built/bought the pc from and left the people there check it out, and although I don't think they put a lot of effort, they coulnd't find anything too. 

I have to mention that many other games have crashed, like dirt rally 2.0 and other well known games, but if one crash is solved, I think every crash will be solved too, they appear to be of the same "kind", as in it can perfectly run the menu or startup cutscenes, but when I try to play, it crashes.

I don't know how how to post pictures, it only lets me put a link, so if you need any screenshots etc, please guide me on how to post them. 



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