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Texture Allocation Failure


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here are my specs:
Windows 10 Prof.
i5 6600k
asus z170 pro gamer
GeForce 680 GTX with 2GB RAM
Asus Xonar Essence II sound card.

Graphic drivers are up to date.
I use two monitors, but for the race I use just my main monitor. The second one is just for working.

Summary / Description of the Issue.
I get a texture allocation failure everytime I race for a while. At some point the game freezes, graphics driver crashes and after 20-30 seconds I get the error "Texture Allocation Failure".

Game Mode.

I just identified it in the championship mode. But I guess it would crash in other modes as well. But this is the only mode where I do longer races (50%). So I guess it would crash on other modes as well, if I would race 30+ minutes.

The Steps to Reproduce The Issue.

Championship Mode --> Melbourne --> Ferrari / Vettel --> Standard View (dunno how its called) --> 50% Race. The crash is towards the end of the race. 30+ minutes. Last time it was lap 21/29, before it was 28/29, before it was 25/29. I had high graphic settings, with some options (like shadows) on low.

I also completed this race in quick race mode, but it was a 25% race. So I guess, the longer the racetime, the higher the chances everything will crash. (I completed the race with ultra high graphic settings)

What were you doing specifically when the issue occurred?
(How and where did it happen?  Are there any specific steps followed when the issue occurred?)

First race I was boxing. Screen got black and I could still hear the machins switching tires and so on. But the car didnt drove, so I was just hearing mechanic sounds. (Ultra graphic settings)

Second time I didnt do anything special. Was just driving. Screen got black and sound just "froze" (it repeated the same sound over and over). (Ultra graphic settings)

Last time I was driving on a long straight. Screen did not got black, but froze. So I could still see everything. After ~20 seconds it went black when windows gave me the error. Sound was frozen. (Hihh graphic settings with some options set to "low".)

What is the Frequency of the issue?

It is reproducible and it comes out of nowhere. Short races are fine. But I usually go at least 50% races and it always crashes.

Your recent history of races.
(Team / Driver, Track, Conditions)

Ferrari / Vettel, Melbourne, raceday, sunny.

Ferrari / Vettel, Melbourne, raceday, weather changed from having clouds at the sky, then it rained and then weather got better. 

Ferrari / Vettel, Melbourne, raceday, weather was fine the whole race.

How long was your current session?
(How long had you been playing for roughly?)

Roughly around 30 minutes. It was lap 25/29, second time 28/29, third time 21/29. 

What controller / wheel were you using?

(Give the Manufacturer and Model of the controller used)

XBOX 360 wired controller.

I will try and reduce the graphic settings but since I can complete 25% races, the error should be somewhere else. And GPU-Z shows me that the RAM of the graphic card is at 100% used from the moment the game starts. GPU-load is at 99%. Stress benchmarks like 3D Mark are just fine.

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  • Codemasters Staff
Hi, please could you follow the instructions below and let me know your steam user ID.

1.       Open the Steam Client

2.       Click “Steam” in the top left of the client

3.       Click “Settings”

4.       In the Settings box, click “Interface”

5.       Put a tick in the “Display Steam URL address bar when available” tickbox

6.       Click “OK”

7.       In the Steam Client click on “Your Username” at the top

8.       The USER ID is the long number that is displayed in the URL directly below the top menu bar

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