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Control over Team mate in My Team

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I would love to see this, and expanded even further.

In MyTeam, allow you to (if you want, i.e. make it optional)

  • be able to control your teammates component change or taking new components (i.e. do not change all components for the season's last race)
  • be able to control, which components your teammate uses for race
  • set team mates planned tire strategy before the race and for quali, e.g. make teammate to go out on Q2 with meds
  • maybe allow setting priority for practice sessions, i.e. focus on race simulation etc.
  • during race allow to make changes to teammate's race strategy (e.g. in Safety car situations)
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Main thing I’d like is that when your pit stop is due and you teammate is a second behind you... that he stays out for another lap and doesn’t double stack... 

was just thinking you can give orders to your teammate in grid.  

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