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Wishlist for F1 2022 and onwards

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Have we already talked about the comeback of red flag? In some races there are crashes, where half of the driver field is stopping because of a crash in a shicane or baku castle area or sth. like that. Therefore we need the red flag conditions. The sad thing is, that red flags already existed in F1 Games earlier

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- Livery editor for cars and helmets, we’ve been asking for this for the last 2 or 3 years

- Full control in the pitlane (like ACC) and full control in the formation lap and cool down lap (be able to drive back to the pitlane or podium spots)

- More time in control after a retirement. So we don’t lose control of the car straight after the impact/car failure

- More engine modes, maps or strats that can affect the performance like in real life. (Kind of what we had with the manual ERS or fuel deployment modes before) 

- More, better and more realistic engineer dialogues and comunication (I’m tyred of “Siri” Jeff)

- More and better driver interviews and press conferences after the qualy and race

- Better damage model and crash physics, not only on the cars, but in the crash barriers and walls as well

-Better tyre puncture model, flat spots, splinters…

- Red flags with the posibility to do repairs and change your strategy

- Realistic gravel where you can actually get stuck (maybe adjustable on the menu)

- Better character custumization like in FIFA or 2K

- Real sponsors for My Team. I know it won’t be easy, but you can start small with partners you already have like Fanatec, EA…

- Garage (pit box) position in relation with your last year’s WCC position

- Quick pit stops in practice and Qualifying, instead of having to enter the garage to just change your tyres

- Pre season testing

- Team orders maybe?

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From what I've seen on the 2022 reg's the FOM allow different car variations. Does that mean the aero parts are interchangeable? If so and as @BarryBL has said before on another thread the cars have to match the official F1 teams in the sport which is ok. However does it mean this rule change open's up the possibility of different changeable aero parts on the MY TEAM car for 2022? or perhaps different car designs from which the player can select on the my team car at least in future titles as the FOM are allowing it?



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