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F1 2021 Mobile Update

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I have some concerns about the update released this week:

- Cars have different status so, now the game self assumed it is paid to win as we will have to spend money to buy RedBull or Mercedes? (I actually have a McLaren but if I knew this would happen I'd spent my coins before the update for both teams instead of buying cards when the promotion for the biggest pack had the lowered price from 1000 to 700 only (I did this many times after watching many videos and playing a lot for the last year)

- The circuits downloads is EXTREMELY slow, I don't know what is happening but I can assure my internet connection is really fast, right now I'm downloading (trying) Monza and Hungaroring circuits and every MB takes like 1 minute or more (Monza has 232MB)..why's that happening?

-The boxes still doesn't show their times needed to be opened, why it's so difficult to inform that before we choose then? I've just started opening a 12h and i'm not going to expend coins to make it faster, as I need to buy Mercedes to have a competitive car for the future competitions

-This forum website is also really slow

I hope you guys do something to make the game more fun, faster and more affordable for the next update.

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