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Front Suspension- Soft or Hard

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Most setups I see online have a very soft front suspension setting.  Some videos claim this makes it easy to ride curbs.

I wanted to test this at Spa by repeating P1 using soft tires, no ERS for consistency, and with a variety suspension settings.  I settled on a 8 (front) 5 (rear) setting.  Compared to softer front suspension setups, this was much more stable throughout the lap.  I was able to get through Au Rouge and T15 flat out as long as I took a good line.

This seems to match my understanding of weight transfer.  When braking, I don’t want too much weight transfer forward since that unloads the rear and forces all braking to be done through the front.  At the same time, a softer rear gives weight transfer that will aid in acceleration as long as I balance understear on corner exit (fronts are unloaded so will/did experience understear).

My question is, am I missing something? How are all the posted online setups I find using the opposite settings and not impacting performance in the way I would expect?  What do others use?


As a side note, this was done in a season 1 MyTeam car with very few upgrades.  Chassis is worst in the field, aero is bottom 5, and powertrain is 3rd. 

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For my understanding the suspension settings are importend in corner entry and corner exits. The most time I like to drive with an soft front suspension for a better corner entry and for less understeer there. And the questions is how our anti-roll bars are set. After you turned into the corner, your front anti-roll-bar get to work too. The more soft they are, the more load the car can handle when turning in, which results in less understeer. But if you overdo this, the front could be too fast for the rear and the car loses its rear. 

Next to it, you have to think about what you personally like. If you like a car, which has a good reaction time and is quick in change of direction  harder anti-roll-bar could help here but may make the car more difficult to drive. 

I really like the challenge to find the right setup, because the effect of setup changes is way more noticable in this game now, for my point of view. 

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