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[IMPROVEMENT] controller settings per individual vehicle/event

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First off, a quick note about the game overall: thank you.

I'd like to be able to have specific controller mappings/layouts/settings/profiles for every car. I have a G27 that has a 6-position H shifter and paddles. I'd like to be able to switch between cars that use sequential shifters and H-pattern shifters without having to go to my preferences. I'd also like to be able to have different shifter patterns for different cars with H-pattern. Last, I'd like to be able to select the soft-lock steering degrees for each car.

After some quick research (wikipedia + youtube) I've noticed that a lot of 5-speed cars such as the Stratos, 037 and M3 have a dog-leg pattern shifter. This means that reverse ends up in the top-left slot, 1st in bottom left, and the shifts between 2nd and 3rd happen up-down in the middle of the gate with 4th and 5th filling up the remaining slots. This helps so much when getting used to H-patterns and also smooths out gear shifts through slow sections. When going to Group A that uses 6 gears I have to remap to a standard layout and have to map R to a button. Also, using the H pattern to shift I could map the hand brake to one of the paddles, and not have to remap when using sequential.

I read the FFB update post that listed steering-lock degrees for every car. The Stratos and Delta S4 are listed as 900deg but I can swear I've seen some reference footage where the driver runs into the steering limit as if it was 720 lock-to-lock. I imagine this may also be a driver/mechanic adjustable setting in the real world based on the event or personal preference. It would be nice to be able to assign these settings per-vehicle. As for pedals, I think some users could also benefit by being able to set different throttle saturation points for cars that are very powerful and prone to oversteer out of corners.

I think there could be two ways to implement these flexible controller settings. Option one would be to assign each car a set of controls and have it load automatically when the car is selected. Option two would be to let the user create a number of controller presets in the settings menu and give the user a choice of which profile to load every time they set up an event. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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in a nutshell, you need to save controller setting profiles.

You dont need to do that car per car, has many of them will share profiles :)

Dont agree with the ability to set steering lock per car. This must be defined and fixed as the real ones.

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