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F1 2014 Trophy/Achievement Suggestion Thread

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Every year we make a list, every year the devs ignore our list. We will not stop.

Fernando is faster than you
Be overtaken by Fernando Alonso as Felipe Massa.

Valtteri is faster than you
Be overtaken by Valtteri Bottas as Felipe Massa.

First lap nutcase
Crash on the first lap as Romain Grosjean.

Put that finger away
Steal the win from Sebastian Vettel on the last lap

That's what mirrors are for
Complete a lap in reverse

Photo finish
Finish within half a second of another rival

You prick
Ram someone on the first lap of an online race

Tick tock
Start a qualifying lap with less than five seconds left on the clock

European conqueror
Win every European race.

Were you going backwards, son?
Finish a qualifying lap a distant five seconds slower than the pole sitter.

You bore me
Failed to complete a Q3 lap.

Overtake a rival in a DRS zone without using your DRS.

Night owl
Win the night races.

Close but no cigar
Top all three practice and qualifying sessions but fail to win the race.

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"Thank You Petronas"
Lead a 1-2 for Mercedes at the Malaysian Grand Prix

"Smiling Assasin"
Win in Australia as Ricciardo

"German Engineering"
Lead a 1-2 for Mercedes at the German Grand Prix

Lead a 1-2 for Ferrari at the Italian Grand Prix

"He is faster than you"
Pass your teammate in a race

"Grand Chelem"
Get Pole, Fastest Lap and Win in a Grand Prix

"What Was That!?"
Survive an Impact

"Gives you Wings"
Win the Austrian GP with a Red Bull or Toro Rosso

"Samba Fever"
Win the Brazillian Grand Prix as Felipe Massa

"Fine Finnish"
Win a Grand Prix with either Kimi Raikkonen or Valtteri Bottas

"Magic Button"
Win a Grand Prix using Jenson Button

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Disconnect from an online race while leading

"I am going to need a bandage"
Disconnect from a league racing while leading

Win in GPmode with Seb

"multi21 mate"
Overtake your teammate in the closing stages of a race

"More Sponsor money, please"
Break your front wing while playing as Maldonado

Overtake 7 or more cars on the first lap of an online race

Overtake the leader on the final lap of a race!

"We did it boys"
Win the Drivers World Championship
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