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Hello! My friend and I, both running F12021 on our Ps4s, have both over the last few weeks tried various times to engage in a Grand Prix weekend together. 

Each time we try, without fail, on one of our ends, it will say the other player has disconnected from the session during qualifying. If that doesn’t happen, by the time the race starts, it will say “not enough players to start session” on the formation lap. 

We haven’t successfully completed anything close to a race together for the last month, and are fairly certain it is not our internet connection that is the problem.

One of the error codes that came up if this helps was “4181107941:S” which was a “failed to connect to online services” error. 


Please let me know if I can provide any more useful information to help solve this issue, as I am so excited to just get into a race with my mate! 

Thanks, Josh 

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