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Unable to join f1 2019 league with friends


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Hi, I have a unique issue. Hoping to get some assistance. I am able to join unranked or league sessions with people around the world, however when trying to join sessions hosted by friends I receive the failed to join session error message (screenshot attached). If I host the session then they are unable to join. I've tried a different internet connection and the problem persists so I'm pretty sure that the issue stems from my machine. 

I own and have played the game previously on steam but that version is not currently installed(could this cause a conflict). 

Currently we play the game using the Xbox Game Pass. Im unsure how the online hosting works. I've attached my hardware_settings_config and hardware_settings_info files.

--Edit: I've found a .dmp file in programData as well as an info file with report code TVVC-APMK-VGHG-GDMP (attached). Not sure if this is related.


Windows 10 x64 Xbox Game Pass for PC

Game version 1.22

Games hosted by friends, I am unable to join. If I host, they cannot join ( Unranked and Leagues). Multiple attempts over the past week.

Connection type: Wired. Firewall enabled for game pass connectivity.

Also tried using a second MS account. issue persists.

Router configs are standard. No proxies, No VPNs

Please assist


hardware_settings_config.xml hardware_settings_info.xml

669979-20210925-232540.info.txt 669979-20210925-232540.dmp

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