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What’s everyone’s view on the “quick practice” mini game ?

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9 minutes ago, mykalboi said:

Personally I now find them boring and repetitive. What does everyone else think ? 

Yes they are boring and repetitive, but dont think they are designed to be anything more than that. They get the job done if you dont have time to practice.

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I agree with jobling, they are there for people who dont want to take so much time in practice and just have quick resource points and thats what they do.. Im not bothered by them being boring as i prefer real practice sessions and taking a bit of time anyway haha

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Its unnecessary. To much wear that makes resource points gained worthless. 

Myself I just skip practice on tracks I know unless Im getting rid of an assist and just restart qualifications if I need more of a warm up. 

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Think they felt pressured to change up the existing practice programs as after a few years having to do them on every race had people shouting for something different.. And also the casual players who struggle to find the  time and need something that if they skipped practice. They wouldn’t take a hit.  

I actually preferred last years practice programs compared to the new ones.

What I find funny is those who moaned that codemasters need to change the practice modes as they were the same year after year... These are the same people who moan that the game needs to be more sim:.  As along as I’ve watched f1 (decades)  Practice sessions have hardly ever changed... first session team would concentrate on dialling up the car setup for track and stress testing new upgrade and parts.. next two.sessions  consist off a long run (race pace) and quick laps plays various little things like race starts.. 

My personal preference is just improve the base game on what works years on year.. Not change things just cause they feel they have to.. 

And to keep things fresh each year have a well written story mode.. or  maybe a famous classic season.. for instance be Hunt and Lauder...  option to play as real driver or yourself 

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