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What number does everyone use?


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I went with 93 this time around.  It's how old I feel so seemed pretty apt.   An alternate explanation would be that I have the enthusiastic smiley persona of Daniel Ricciardo (3) and the spinning ability of Nikita Mazepin. (9).   Put them two characteristics together and that's 93.

I was 23 until Albon swooped in and took it away.  He really was never in my good books, poor Alex. Hence why I wasn't disappointed to see him crash and burn at Red Bull, metaphorically speaking. 

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My favorite number is 55, but ofc I can't pick it.

Some years ago I used to pick also #24, because was a good number at school and Kobe.

Now I use #42, because in IndyCar Series (2003 Codemasters game) when you created a team that was the number they give to you

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6 minutes ago, PJTierney said:



When I signed up to Realish Racing (which was then called Really Rubbish Racing) in 2011 I was asked to make a team and number.

I ended up entering a Goteki 45 team and ran the #45 with some distinctive liveries. It's been my race number ever since.


File:G45Indy E.jpg


We are creatures off habit...

i still use the same password from the very first email account I created when the internet and email was invented:..

I see a couple off years ago online security experts were advising people to use a random word as part off their password

i was way ahead off the curve... my word is so bizarrely random it made it easy fir me to remember 

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