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Best setup for 48 RD points ?- RedBull

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Hello everybody, 

here is my setup. I was wondering what could be improved. AI pass me from the start even with perfect start every single time. 

I tried to go Lightweight all the way since the RedBull seems to have a bonus for lightweight.

Chassis evolution seems to take forever. I'll be level 6 or 9 in 2037 at this pace. Any tips for faster chassis evolution? (except opening boxes all the time?)

I can improve the break card but its super expensive in tokens (24000 tokens to improve this for more breaks and +2 lightweight..)

Also how are breaks this year?


I am playing with Custom mode and breaks are set on 1 (out of 4 being the max).

Are you playing without any breaks?


Also do you think Mercedes have an advantage this year with more power?


Thanks a lot !






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I don't really have a handle yet on post-update set-up. My prior strategy, one set-up for qualifying and sprint races, one set-up for grid starts, and one set-up for Monaco, is no longer an option. It seems like the priority still is LW, Power, Aero, Handling, and then Brakes, but I have no idea on the proportions. 

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