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What is the craziest/coolest driver changes you have had in My Team/Career.

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had a lot of crazy changes

After Season 7 i have to deal with these driver lineup

McLaren: Bottas Verstappen
Mercedes: Ricciardo Gasly
Red Bull: Leclerc Perez
Ferrari: Stroll Sainz
Alpine: Ocon Russell
Aston Martin: Latifi Matsushita
Williams: Ilott Armstrong
Alfa Romeo: Norris Schumacher
Alpha Tauri: Tsunoda Zhou
Haas: Giovinazzi Mazepin
My team: Me Coulthard

The craziest thing is after seasons 4,5 and 6 McLaren have signed all world champions, first hamilton, then Bottas then Verstappen, however mclaren could not win any WC, although 3 world champion driving for the team.

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I don’t want driver transfers turned off... but as the game isn’t clever enough to make the right transfers I think we should be able to select who drives for who...  game should still handle retirements...  That way I can stick Bottas in a haas and I bet he will still beat Lewis and max every season

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