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[FIXED] Dirt Rally Started the error 41 in my game...


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Same problem, Verify Integrity of Game Cache with no result. I try reinstalling the game, the vga driver, still the same.  Have wind 7 64 bit OS. TRY ALL solution DESCRIBED OF THIS AND STEAM FORUM WITH NO RESULT. The bug became more frecvent and start to ruin my pleasure to play the game. I hope you came on top of this.

ITS the only game had on steam witch I have problem of playing.

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Hi all, i have done all that nero76 has done with no results in the end too.
Yes, it's the only game in steam with this problem.
Any chance of posting you system specs. :)
The Dev's and other folks here in the forum have absolutely no idea what to suggest to help you.

Without them, it's a guessing game.
To be fair, it's really the first thing people should do when asking for help/support.
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