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[PC] Hackers able to take control of other players in online

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  • People can get hacked ingame. Today this problem happened to this f1 streamer. A hacker was driving in a multiplayer session with cheats as other people. No, he did not just change his steam name, he was able to take control of other peoples accounts and drive as them, without hacking their steam accounts. Checked this by clicking view profile, which led me to my steam friends profile who wasn't even home at the time and hadn't played the game for few days. He checked no one had logged into their steam so the hacker has some other way of taking control. The hacker played at least as the streamer and as my steam friend. To my knowledge this happened few times on last game as well. There is a reddit post about this happening on f1 2020 here. This is a big problem. I hope someone like @BarryBL takes note on this. Also in general I hope cheating gets dealt with.
  • PC
  • Online, unranked
  • Around 18 people in the lobby
  • I was not the host
  • streamable video on what happened , the steam account doesn't apper as friends with the recorder, as my friend recorded the vid, but he is my friend and wasnt even home when the hacking took place. Here's the streamer explaining what happened: https://clips.twitch.tv/EvilSillyWombatCorgiDerp-3IpqONt0UVGBTNnW
  • You'd have to ask the cheater how to recreate this.
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