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Error 41 in Online parts of DiRT Rally


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Ok, at the very start I want to admit I don't have the state of the art fibre optic connection. Instead I'm using my phone (Nokia Lumia 625) to tether the internet connection to my PC, which means I'm using LTE connection all the time. This may sound like a connection nightmare, but it's stable to a point I can play Diablo 3 and Battlefield 3 lag free with a ping of about 120 for D3 and 80 depending on the BF3 server. Also never had any issues while playing DiRT 3 online.

However, in DiRT Rally, whenever I enter an online competition I can get the infamous "Error 41" anywhere from 1 to 60 minutes, which as we know ends with the game going desktop on me. The extreme case of 60 minutes happen doing League races and restarting a lot, while the 1 minute happens in PvP Rallycross, which also happens to be the most unstable part of the game. I often can't join lobbies for no reason, I have "connection lost" while just few seconds into a race very often in the public Championship playlist, less often in the private ones. Calling this unplayable wouldn't be an overestimation for a lot of people.

Generally speaking, playing PvP for me is a matter of luck. Which means I can't really compete in any RX leagues, competitions etc. as I may get disconnected at random at any point in time. I really like this part of the game, so I am inclined to provide whatever data is necessary.

In case it helps, I'm using Norton Security 2015 (completely unlocked ALL connections in the firewall for the drt.exe), running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, 358.50 nVidia drivers (re-installed recently with DDU).
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