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Season track list number limit

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Why does  career mode limit numer of tracks only to 21 while we have 22 tracks ? I have tried look around here if i found   thread with such a topic or google it and i did not find anything, so i create this thread.
Does anybody know if track season limit will increase by a time as  two more tracks are ahead of release ?  ( Imola, Jeddah ) or if we  will be forced to  replace some tracks for others if wee wanna have em in career mode. Personaly i think it would be awesome if we could have China,  Portimao, Jeddah, Imola alongside of all other tracks.  Would be wholesome if anybody  from codemasters could answer on that.  Thanks guys ♥


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Hi, when Portimao was released the limit increased from 20 to 21, so yes it will probably go up when Jeddah and Imola come out. For mine I drop Abu Dhabi (god awful) for China (tolerable) 🙂

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yeah for me  biggest pain is abu dhabi as well  on previous game i could race around easily   whether AI or online but this year  i cant perform well and loosing too much  time and tyres and chicanes are insane killer and curbs there, neither  softest front suspension does not helps 😄 ( does not matter if i go gamepad or wheel its pain   anyway 😄

but  would love to if i would not need to replace it for another.  hope they will make it up so we can have along all those as well china,  in the end it is just a game so we do not need to be accurate about   amount of races  per season. since there is as well  possibilty of  having shorten ones   

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I just wish we could set a custom number. I care about that way more than I care about the order of the races (though that would be nice too). I would love to do 18-20 per year. 16 feels like too few and 21+ is starting to be a bit too many.

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