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this is wearing very thin, I am getting to the point of no return here. The problem just gets worse. The AI card are ridiculous and racing against a mercedes is becoming pathetic, I don't own a Mercedes nor do I want to. How can the Mercedes keep up with the AI at the start while I have no chance and especially on the fast circuits which it has only been giving me Bahrain and Baku so many times. My last 10 races 8 were against Mercedes and out of 10 races 6 or 7 are grid start, no qualifying and 3 or 4 sprint races. I have done as much with my red bull as i can and have developed it quite far but any further development drops power which i need. And please bring back the view of the opponents pi. Guys FIX this 😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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Yeah, the game is meant to be realistic... But I feel where your coming from, it's a little unbalanced. They should honestly make three modes (EASY. MEDIUM, HARD) to just categorise them. 

EASY mode will give less rewards, and HARD will give most rewards. Making is balenced.

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