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Same old annoying problems

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Where is the pro leauge? Been sat at 12599 for a week now, no progression, most of the races are against fake opponents. 
Why do the bots pass you like you are stood still then in some races and go so slow in other races they are just rolling walls. 
How please how can I be racing somebody who’s car shows at level one but has a leauge score of 12599. 
And how can that car have a best lap time 5 seconds faster than my merc at level 25. Fake opponent that’s why!!!!!

Same **** in a different wrapper again. I hate the fake stuff. 

Realistic my arse a HAS passing a Merc like it’s stood still. Then when you race a bot in a pro driver challenge against Lewis H you do a qually lap 8 seconds faster 

Crazy. Please just put up the pro league so we can progress with each other and not against fake cars. 
Peace out 🎤

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