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[IMPROVEMENT] Better league creation options

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Dear league developers,

I love this feature of dirt rally but I do think it could be made easier to setup and use here's how:

- Ability to chain events together so that after someone finishes one event of say 4 races they can start the next event in the league.
- Using randomise the dates that are automatically assigned when making the league are expired by the time the page loads. Can we get start dates that are at least 5 mins in the future to give time for the page loading and filling out race details OR set it to start at the next available time after clicking finish/finalize?
- an option to select a duration for the entire randomised events (in real life days) before clicking randomise which will simply prefill the events spaced in the selected time (no. days). If you select the option to chain events together maybe just give the specified number of days to complete the events.
- I also noticed that there is no visual indication that you cant add events after the season has started so an error for that would be nice as a heads up instead of just refreshing the page.

The story:
I want to setup a long series of events (say 4 events with 4 races each randomly) and then have my league mates race these whenever they want over the next week. It is my understanding that I have to set the end time of the first event before the start of the next one. Whilst thats perfect for real life events and drivers that spend a week doing events and dedicated to that its not so great for a casual gamer that wants to complete a league with multiple events sometime in the next week maybe an option to chain events together after you finish one you can do the next one without waiting for the date to rollover. Simply having a large amount of races one after the other doesnt work because the cars accumulate damage (I find 4 is about my limit before car death).

Overall I love this game so plz work on this aspect a little more :D, I dont even think most of my suggestions involve actual game code.

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