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Blockers (bug or game ploy)


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Has everyone noticed how in the new release of F1 mobile that they have introduced what I'm calling 'blockers'. It happens on all tracks - you have a lead of a second or so over your opponent and suddenly multiple game generated cars rapidly pass you on the straight but then, quite amazingly almost stop in front of you right on the corners causing an impact (causing you to lose time). I don't know how many events I have ended up losing because of these 'blockers' and I'm nearly always passed by the opponent on the last or second last corner, and that's after I've been leading for the entire race.

It appears to happen the other way around also - you are coming second and gradually catching up to the leader when (what a surprise), one or two of the game generated cars suddenly pass you just before the corner and almost appear to come to a stop making sure you can't catch up. Coincidences occur occasionally, not almost every time. Is this a bug or a deliberate ploy in the game?

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