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Take a look at this ****

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I’m on an 11 win streak. 
Get set against yossef at Abu Dhabi in a Sprint race  
He leads me by over 2 sec before the second corner. 
My best time there is 1:37. (Screenshot)

His total finish time inc the lead in to the start line is 1:33 so actual lap time is got to be under 1:30. 
His car is shown at level 1 ( I do think this is a bug) I’m level 26 with a pi of 1804. There is now way this was a real match up. 
Codemasters this is terrible you can stop anyone’s progress by consistently running fake opponents.

Barry give me a response. Please  



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This game is pretty f****d up with the New update!! I am a experienced F1 mobile gamer and I am lozing a lot of points in this game now. I am just focussing on the events and quallify races. The rest is s**t.

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Even the Qualy races are rigged!!!

Its a joke now. I just hope when the  pro league starts it gets better. 
I’m racing the same names over and over sometimes 4 or 5 times in a row. That can’t be for real.  Their pi stays at 12599 for the next race even if you’ve beat them in the previous race. 
Why codemasters thought it was a good idea to set it up like this beyond me. 

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