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JRC World Cup


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Hello everyone,

A special season is starting next week in Junior Rally Championship (JRC) and now is good time to join.

JRC World Cup features 9 challenging rounds where we will find out the world champion and the fastest DR2 nation. The specialty of World Cup is its nation based team. We will use the in-game flags so you don't need to sign up anywhere.

Season features 3 different modern car classes; R2, R5 and R-GT. You can freely choose your cars for the rallies but the OP cars (Fiesta R2, Fiesta Mk2 R5 and BMW R-GT) are banned so don't choose them. Each of the car classes will have 3 rallies during the season.




The season starts with Monte Carlo next Monday. The car class for the season opener is R-GT.

JRC welcomes everyone to join JRC World Cup to have fun. Check out our Discord if you're interested to join.

We also got other leagues and competitions as well. JRC Historic has weekly shorter rallies with different historic car classes and Themed has a WRC 2001 -season going on. And lastly, JRX is a rallycross league on Playstation.


JRC Discord: https://discord.gg/GxMYKsh

Club link: https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/397779

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