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Freezing in ALL Dirt games with Thrustmaster TX 458 italia edition

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Hello I have a Thrustmaster TX 458 italia that I use to play on XBOX one and PC with windows 10. On XBOX one I have no issues all is well. However, on my PC racing games, I experience a freeze that lasts for about a second and happens in intervals of roughly 15 seconds. This is not a graphic or performance issue because the freeze only occurs when the Thrustmaster is plugged in. Without the thrustmaster or with my g25 racing wheel the games are fine. The freezing is exclusively when the Thrustmaster TX is plugged in. The racing games I experience this with are Dirt 3 complete edition, Grid Autosport, as well as the latest and greatest Dirt Rally. Strangely this issue is not present when I play Project Cars.

I have tried the following steps:

Uninstalling and re-installing the drivers of the steering wheel.

Updating the firmware of the steering wheel.

Uninstalling and re-installing the games that are concerned.

Updating windows and all video card drivers

Uninstalling geforce experience (read somewhere that it could cause issues)

Disabled anti-virus and Firewall


Finally one last thing, when I start update service found in my Thrustmaster folder, the Guillemot webupdater starts, and then I get an error saying: “can’t access update file” (I do not know if this is related, but thought I should mention it).

I am going crazy with this issue and even google searches dont' show anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance,



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