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Unlock Legendary Liveries for Sponsors/Stickers

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Like the title says, please unlock all Legendary liveries to be allowed to use sponsor decals and personal stickers. I don't understand why some even release without this option? It means I basically never use them because not only can you often not customise the colour, but you can't even put decals on them either. I just blew 3,000 Pitcoin on the new Phantom livery, only to discover I can't put any stickers or sponsor decals on it. Had I known that, I'd have saved my money.

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Some of these designs even left out blank areas on places where decals usually located, suggesting that they were intended to have that decal option like other regular livery yet it's not in the final game.

It's a weird decision since these liveries were supposed to be the microtransaction part of the game, yet CM don't seem to value them at all. 

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Go to customisation on main menu. the to livery... which brings up your current liveries... you can then choose to see current locked liveries that are available.   gives you the ability to change locked liveries colour.. if they can be at all.

not ideal or what your asking for but least let’s you preview before you buy

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