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Codemasters, will You develop I.G.I-3 game ?

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Dear Codemasters team, I want to thank You for I.G.I-2 game. This is one of the best games ever released. I enjoyed it very much. It has a very interesting plot and due to its unique genre - stealth-action - a player may choose his own way to complete mission: to shoot like Rambo and making noise or to stay in shadows without getting noticed. When you play the game, you begin to think like a real spy or an agent of a top secret organization. 

Nevertheless I.G.I-2 was released more than 12 years ago, it is still very popular in such countries as Russia, Poland, India, Pakistan and others.
People play via Internet, join clans, create their own multiplayer maps, release patches and other stuff. Other fans create pages and articles about the game on www.igi.wikia.com

As You have guessed, many people would like to see new adventures of David Jones and his mission director Rebecca Anya.
It is clear that You are very busy with current game development, but all fans of I.G.I series hope that one day Codemasters will release I.G.I-3 game.
It will be great if this new game is available on different platforms including PC, Android OS, iOS, WindowsPhone.

I wish You good luck and many opportunities in your business! All the best !
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