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How to use legendary parts?

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On 10/20/2021 at 2:58 AM, DunkingDuck said:

How do you use the legendary parts for car setup? I have "team prinicipal;development driver;technical director," etc.. But none seem to offer any benefit - so what are they for?

Legendary parts will only offer benefit once you have enough good epic or rare parts in place AND no other good parts left in the slot you have available.

So for example if you have the option of a legendary part that boosts 20% of lightweight on - for example - 500 existing lightweight points, that would only make sense if you don’t have a different part left in that slot with at least 100 points or more.

So my experience is that legendary parts only become useful if you have 3 slots of the same kind available and then use the 3rd slot for the legendary part. Unless you have upgraded the other installed parts very far to maybe level 8 or so, maybe then it would also benefit you to use the legendary part already in the 2nd slot of the same kind. 

One side note. More PI doesn’t always mean more speed. Handling and especially brakes really don’t add much speed on most tracks. So boosting lightweight or power a little bit, but losing brakes or handling at the same time a bit more, could still make your car faster. 😉


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