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Riders Republic Free Trial


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Anyway else checking this out today?

Giant digital playground, very bright and slick. Loving the downhill bike racing, as usual I'm terrible at trick related combo style stuff though. 

It shows you all players across the map, I don't know if it's per server or just online at that time and then you load into a server? No idea how it works but there are an insane amount of players online right now. 

Joining events drops you right in no waiting around, no loading screens even on PS4 (except loading in and out of the map and back to the game world). 

Very impressed technically, if it's my kind of game to buy at full price I don't think so, but I certainly appreciate such a generous trial period I wish a lot more games did this. 

Anyone else paying? Anyone buying? Right on dude, far out, etc. :classic_tongue:

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I think the game is really excellent. Level of the game system it looks a lot like Forza Horizon with a very large open world map and challenges that unblock over time in each discipline. There is a lot to do. We can follow the career or have fun freely on the map filled with park and sliding spot

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