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You've probably all read my sig and followed the links, but we are North West Rally and we are an amateur media group who take photos and videos of local rallies in the north-west England (hence the name, clever, eh?).

Here are some links to the youtube and facebook page so you can see what we get up to. We're not pro's, but it's not bad stuff we're coming out with. (My camera work has massively improved in the last year).

We're not limited to rally, though, we're going to Croft for the BTCC at the end of this month, and the the Belgian GP in august, all of which will be covered on the facebook page. Keep tuned for updates!
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Rally Sardegna is taking place this weekend! :)

I'm quite a big fan of the roads over there. Sandy and dusty gravel stages, which change in character as they switch between narrow and twisty bits with trees overhanging; and fast sweeping bends.

Robert Kubica was fastest on the shakedown so I'm hoping he'll go well this weekend. He took it easy last time out in Argentina, which gave him points and a finish, but I'm hoping that this weekend he'll step on it a bit more while staying on the road :)

Right now I'm watching the Super Special in Cagliari and it seems that the stage designers put in a rather bonkers jump. The rear of the car gets thrown up and cars are landing nose-heavy. Looks spectacular, but I don't think the crews are that happy about landing on the radiator :)
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This thread doesn't get used enough... 

Here's NWR's photos from Wales Rally GB https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.831865003530941.1073741847.105048539545928&type=3
I could well have posted these earlier but this thread never shows up and I'm forgetful... :disappointed:

If anyone is interested, there is also a calendar, of which I have a photo in! Check the facebook page for that (there's a link in my sig!)

Also @jaffakakes‌ 
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