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We're playing an Alpha build...


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The more time I put into this "arcade game", the more I see how unfinished it is.  I just loaded up F1 2013 PC, which I use with some community mods to fix Codemaster's mistakes, and what a huge difference it is.  What amazes me is F1 2013, with it's detailed cockpits and crystal clear mirrors, comes from the same company.

Autosport's lack of usable cockpits is inexcusable.  But the complete elimination of mirrors is absolutely unacceptable.

The only thing that has impressed me are the track graphics and the lighting.  Other than that, this "game" is unfinished.

It would only be acceptable if we were playing an early Alpha build.  But the fact that it's a finished product is just laughable.

I seriously would love to sit with the team who worked on this project and ask them what in the world they were thinking.

The little enjoyment I'm able to squeeze out of this game happens when I use an Xbox 360 controller on my PC.  With a G27, it feels like the corners are paved with wet, mushy sand.

Guess I'm too used to Game Stock Car's incredible physics and force feedback.
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